Clinton County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff’s Sales


Effective October 1, 2011, SRI Inc.- a company specializing in processing, conducting and closing Sheriff's Sales--will be totally responsible for all aspects of all Sales on behalf of the Clinton County Sheriff.  (

Sale Dates: SRI will schedule Sales to be conducted the 4th Wednesday of the month
Time: 12:00 o'clock (Noon: local time)
Place: Clinton County Sheriff's Office, 301 E Walnut St, Frankfort, IN 46041

All dates, times and place may be changed if necessary and with proper notice.

Liens on property:
Real estate taxes are current the day of the sale.  However, it is highly recommended that any person interested in purchasing a property at a Sheriff's Sale should perform a title search to ensure there are no other existing liens or encumbrances that may follow the property, for which you, as the buyer, will be responsible.

You can contact an attorney or local title company for further information.

All questions and inquiries regarding foreclosed properties are to be directed to SRI:

The Notice of Sale for properties to be sold at a Sheriff's Sale will be posted on the bulletin board inside the North door of the Courthouse.

Also, a list of properties, scheduled for Sheriff's Sale, is on file at the Sheriff's Office.

If a property in question is not listed on the SRI web site, the Sheriff's Office will not have information regarding the property.

Clinton County Sheriff's Office