Clinton County Sheriff's Office

Accident Reports

The Clinton County Sheriff's Office will no longer sell accident reports at our facility located at 301 E Walnut St, Frankfort, IN. Information will be given to the driver(s) at the scene of the accident that is necessary for reports to be purchased through

Beginning Tuesday, May 27, 2008, accident reports will only be available from Accidents covered by personnel from the Clinton County Sheriff's Office must be purchased using this site. Accidents that occurred prior to this date must also be purchased through this site.

The cost for each report is $12.00.

To obtain a report once you connect with

1. Enter the date of the accident,
2. Enter the last name of the driver..or..the incident number and the agency name, which is Clinton SD and
3. When entering the Crash Number, do not enter a dash "-". Only enter the the letter "S" followed by the 7 digit number with no spaces.

If you have questions regarding this matter, contact Lt. Joe Mink at 765-659-6393.


If the accident report indicates photos were taken at the scene, photographs may be purchased for a set fee. All requests for photos must be submitted in writing to the Sheriff’s Administration Office. Requests may be mailed to 301 E Walnut St., Frankfort, IN 46041 or faxed to 765-659-6304

Clinton County Sheriff's Office